Exchange Rates

Malaysia is a small open economy. Trade is very important for our country. Consequently, this dashboard gives you an easy way to conduct exchange rate surveillance. Crucially, it moves beyond the often-quoted USD/MYR rate, and provides you with a comprehensive view of all currency pairs that are important for Malaysia.

Last updated 29 Mar 2023, 21:25

A snapshot of the Ringgit's performance against Malaysia's major trade partners

Data as of 29 Mar 2023, 23:59
% change over 1 week

How is the Ringgit trending?

Data as of 29 Mar 2023, 23:59

To ease visual exploration, the charts below are coloured based on performance of the Ringgit over the time period selected. Green indicates an overall appreciation, red indicates depreciation, and grey is used to indicate no or minimal change.

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