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How does my area shape up against other areas? What are its demographics? What are labour conditions like? Does it have adequate public services? It is DOSM's mission to bring the answers to these questions to the rakyat's fingertips. Following the completion of Population and Housing Census of Malaysia 2020 (MyCensus 2020), DOSM released population data at Parliament Constituency and State Legislative Assembly level for the first time in history. The Kawasanku dashboard is intended to give citizens, policymakers, and the international community an accessible way to explore the dataset.

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Last updated: 30 Aug 2023, 12:00

Malaysia has a population of 32,447,385 people. What does this population look like?

Data as of MyCensus 2020

A comparison of key variables across States.

Data as of MyCensus 2020

    Below median

    Median among States

    Above median

    Note: Dispersions across variables are not intended to be perfectly comparable

    A geographic visualisation of selected indicators.

    Data as of 01 Jan 2020, 00:00
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