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Every single country does business with others to some degree. International trade and finance are especially important for Malaysia so we can access and benefit from global markets. By recording all our international transactions, the Balance of Payments (BOP) shows us how resources are flowing between Malaysia and other countries. It is one of 3 primary national accounts that convey Malaysia' broad economic performance, the other two being our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and International Investment Position (IIP). This dashboard gives you an easy way to explore our BOP. Enjoy!

Last updated: 18 Aug 2023, 23:59

What is the current state of Malaysia's Balance of Payments (BOP)?

Data as of 30 Jun 2023, 23:59

Net figures are derived by subtracting liabilities from assets. A positive number indicates net assets, while a negative number indicates net liabilities.

RM million
2Q 20223Q 20224Q 20221Q 20232Q 2023
Current Account2,88718,98527,5104,2819,111
Trade in Goods36,87647,26057,72239,87729,482
Trade in Services(14,819)(11,174)(12,149)(12,831)(11,287)
Primary Income(16,247)(14,322)(11,563)(16,910)(6,290)
Secondary Income(2,923)(2,779)(6,500)(5,855)(2,795)
Capital Account(77)(214)(66)(83)(21)
Non-produced Non-financial Assets(19)(162)(23)(42)7
Capital Transfers(58)(52)(43)(41)(28)
Financial Account(831)(17,462)(1,114)(2,357)(11,573)
Direct Investment3,631(939)(9,311)10,908(4,892)
Portfolio Investment(15,444)462(26,661)(33,297)8,132
Other Investments11,198(16,546)36,58720,946(15,142)
Reserve Assets(4,911)(13,204)(22,492)5,72112,391
Special Drawing Rights(122)(413)419(485)(1,130)
IMF Reserve Position(15)(91)(134)(228)(274)
Gold & Foreign Exchange(4,774)(12,700)(22,778)6,43513,795
Net Errors and Omissions2,93211,896(3,837)(7,563)(9,908)
Balance of Payments00000



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